Gullsól, born 2010, mare

Super safe competition horse

Perfect competition horse for a young rider or even a child or luxury riding horse for everyone. Gullsól is a super mare that is also super sweet. A very cool and rare combination. She has already scored in competitions with marks up to 8.35. She could also be interesting for breeding later. She is a daughter of honorary stallion Sveinn-Hervar who of cause is after no other then Orri. Her mother is a first price mare too. Gletta frá Torfunesi with 8.18 and after first price stallion Tónn frá Torfunesi. Very good and interesting pedigree for breeding. Her gates are very even and she is safe but fun to work with – she is very positive. She has big movement and clear beat. She was trained and then was a horse of a Student at Hólar University. So this is one of the most thorough educations a horse can get. She is very, very well trained and knows a lot, like dressage.

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