Mist, born 2010, mare

Pretty mare for breeding and competition.

Mist is a beautiful fife gaited black mare which has been assessed with 7.84 in total in a breeding show. She is after Kjarni frá Auðsholtshjáleigu who was assessed with 8.50 as a four gaiter. Kjarni is a son of the fantastic Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu who is first price for his offspring. Her mother has been shown with a total of 7.94.

Mist is a fun riding horse for a rider with a bit of experience. She is willing and needs support form the rider. She would be a great breeding mare or a talented horse to compete and have fun.

If you want to try this fun horse send as an e-mail or give us a call +354 69 55 664

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